About us

Composition of our socks

80% virgin combed cotton 18% polyamide 2% elastane  

Why virgin combed cotton?

Our cotton is not any cotton! It is virgin combed cotton. For its production, the freshly harvested cotton fibres are combed, so the longest fibres can be selected. The price for this yarn is triple compared to the cheap recycled cotton that is being used for most of the socks that sell at a low price. Recycled cotton mixed with polyester creates the perfect medium for smelly bacteria.

At Sock Laboratory UK we will never use cheap cotton. We use the best fibres and the latest knitting technology.

What do the percentages mean?

To benefit from the properties of all fibres used in the composition of the sock, most of them go parallel on the entire length of the sock. The percentages refer to the weight of each yarn in grams in a sock. 80% cotton means that 80% of the sock weight is cotton. Cotton is just heavier, it is not longer or shorter in length. A sock with thicker cotton will have a greater cotton percentage and one with thinner cotton will have less cotton percentage.

When choosing socks, it is important, in our opinion, to avoid polyester because it smells, as well as normal cotton because it pills easier than the combed one.

Certified Yarn


100% free of dangerous chemicals

Our yarn suppliers are certified and audited by OEKO-TEX

There are often situations in which the textile fibres are chemically processed, especially in the dying phase. Thus, if the yarn dying companies don’t take special care for using only health-safe chemicals in these processes, we deal with delicate situations in which even the simplest textile products can cause health issues.

Because we care about our lovely customers and, at the same time, we care about our long-term success, we have chosen to work with a highly trusted supplier for yarn, LEGS (Poland). They work at the highest standard of professionalism and they are certified by OEKO-TEX. This means that the internationally recognised auditing body certified that the textile fibres processed and sold by LEGS do not contain dangerous chemical substances.

*the OEKO TEX certificate refers to the yarn used in the Sock Laboratory socks and it is awarded to the LEGS company in Poland, not to our company.